Policy Optimization with Robustness Certificates.
Chenxi Yang, Greg Anderson, Swarat Chaudhuri

Improved Modeling of RNA-binding Protein Motifs in An Interpretable Neural Model of RNA Splicing.
Kavi Gupta, Chenxi Yang, Kayla McCue, Osbert Bastani, Phillip A. Sharp, Christopher Burge, Armando Solar-Lezama
Computational Biology Workshop in ICML (Spotlight) 2023

Safe Neurosymbolic Learning with Differentiable Symbolic Execution.
Chenxi Yang, Swarat Chaudhuri
ICLR 2022
AIPLANS (Advances in Programming Languages and Neurosymbolic Systems) Workshop in Neurips 2021
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Adaptive Scheduling for Edge-Assisted DNN Serving.
Jian He, Chenxi Yang, Zhaoyuan He, Ghufran Baig, Lili Qiu
MASS 2023

Accelerating Mobile Applications at the Network Edge with Software-Programmable FPGAs.
Shuang Jiang, Dong He, Chenxi Yang, Chenren Xu, Guojie Luo, Yang Chen, Yunlu Liu, Jiangwei Jiang

Understanding the Behavioral Differences Between American and German Users: A Data-Driven Study.
Chenxi Yang, Yang Chen, Qingyuan Gong, Xinlei He, Yu Xiao, Yuhuan Huang, Xiaoming Fu
Big Data Mining and Analytics 2018

Sensing People’s Time Management Activities: A Study Using Wearable Devices.
Chenxi Yang, Yang Chen, Yuan Xuan
SenSys 2018